Cityartsfestival.com is a web site that aims to provide its users with valuable information about anything to do with the arts in our beautiful city. You may be aware that our city has an annual festival aimed at the art fraternity and it is becoming more popular day by day. As I’m sure you people are aware this festival does nor organise by it’s self, oh no! It takes a lot of hard work from the kind fellows of our humble abode.

I do not say that with the intent of receiving any recompense, that could not be further from my mind, I only say it because It is my full time job, not only me, but half a dozen other employees spend the entire year engaging with sponsors that are already committed to the festival and ever trying to find new companies who are willing to put some cash into this great event. We hope you appreciate the festivals and will keep coming back to see nthe next one. Thanks for taking the time to read this and from all here at Cityartsfestival.com, thank you!